Out Of This World - Stellar Blush Glow in the Dark - per 1/4 metre

Out Of This World Cotton Print - Stellar Blush Glow in the Dark - per metre

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The kids will go gaga for this adorable space fantasy! Trendy narwhals, unicorns & swans join timeless rockets & robots for a collection that’s sure to appeal to boys and girls alike. These lovingly drawn characters call out to be sewn into a play mat or security blanket.

100% Cotton. Approx 44"/110cm wide - Glow in the Dark. 

One piece measures 100cm x 110cm/ 39" x 44"

If more than one piece is ordered it will come as a continuous piece. For example if 3 pieces are ordered you will receive a piece 300cm x 110cm

Design by Andrea Turk.