Long John Strap Anchor - Nickel

Long John Strap Anchor - Nickel

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Add a stylish finish to your bag with the Long John strap anchors from Emmaline.

1 pack contains 4 strap anchors. Measurements: Inside measurement of strap ring: 7/8" (23 mm). Overall Length: 5 1/4" (13 cm)

They are so easy to attach. The strap ring is just under 1" (inside) across the top, so these would work well with either 1" or 3/4" straps & bag handles. 

Each anchor comes with 2 screws and a washer. Tip: Make sure you stabilize the insertion area on your fabric so that they are nice and secure. Use the washer as a template to mark screw holes, and an awl or large Leather punch to poke holes in fabric for screws and pins.

Find a tutorial from Emmaline bags on how to attach the anchors here: http://emmalinebags.blogspot.com/2016/09/how-to-attach-long-john-strap-anchors.html

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